Jan 12

PROFINET – Show Me the Money

PROFINET can help you justify your project as these features have financial rewards: Feature: proxies. Benefit: Maps legacy networks into PROFINET using an open standard. The money: no need to rip and replace.  Leave your current network intact and add a proxy to integrate the devices into a new PROFINET-based controller. Gain the benefits of…

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Oct 27

PROFINET – There’s a Lot to Know

As frequent PROFIblog aficionados probably know, I’m a big fan of the Course Evaluations from our free PROFINET one-day training classes.  In Louisville last week the results were typical: the course length was right, the training manual was good, and the instructors were great, so said the filled in circles on the machine-scored form.  But…

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Sep 22

PROFINET of Things: Openness

A major driving force of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 is the reliance on open standards. PROFINET devices are manufactured according to the PROFINET specification (IEC 61158).  PROFINET is Ethernet, IEEE 802.3.  Many other standards also come into play – standards from IEC, IEEE, NAMUR, and IETF (Internet Engineering task Force): IEC…

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Sep 16

PROFINET of Things: Uptime

Continuing our examination of PROFINET as THE provider of data to the Industrial Internet of Things, we look at additional features of PROFINET – compared to characteristics needed in the IIoT. Uptime is the answer to the mission critical and professional services characteristics of IIoT. Diagnostics Diagnostics provide a means of preventing downtime and recovering…

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Sep 9

PROFINET of Things: Data Access

In the last post, IoT AND IIoT, I positioned PROFINET as foundational to the Industrial Internet of Things which lies in the overlap of IoT and Industrie 4.0.  In the post before that, IoT vs. IIoT, Michael explored the differences between IoT and IIoT.  This post will start to extend that into the PROFINET of…

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Sep 1


I once tried to make the case that “IIoT is not IoT.”  And there certainly are differences as Michael pointed out in “IoT vs. IIoT.”  But I have finally accepted that IIoT is a subset of IoT even though our Things are used to make the other Things – the Things in the consumer and…

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Aug 4

On the Road Again

With the arrival of August, the end of summer seems much closer.  For PI North America that means we’ll be back on the road teaching PROFINET one-day training classes again.  We have six to go: Chicago Tampa Louisville Detroit Raleigh Seattle Starting on August 27 in Chicago, we have a completely revamped curriculum.  Granted, the…

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Jul 28

PROFINET Connector Installation

PROFINET can be really exciting.  Field installing Ethernet connectors – not so much.  But you have to do it because you have to plug it in.  Here’s how: –Carl Henning

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Jul 21

It Works Better If You Plug It In

This is a guest post from Volker Goller, European Manager, Real-Time Ethernet Solutions for PI North America member Innovasic. Many years ago I had the pleasure to work with a British engineer. He loved to add some sentence of wisdom to the credentials of the programs he wrote. One phrase, and to me the best…

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Jul 14

Catching the Process Fieldbus 2nd edition

The second edition of this classic work adds valuable information about PROFINET’s role in process automation, supplementing the widely-used PROFIBUS protocol.  With some theory and a lot of practical experience presented, this book is THE place to start learning about PROFIBUS and PROFINET for process. …so it says on the back cover of Catching the…

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