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Compact Profinet I/O modules measure short distances

Printing industry supplier Beil GmbH uses TBEN-S compact Profinet I/O modules directly on 40 millimeter aluminum profiles in a punch bender for print shops. Data is now implemented using Industrial Ethernet, which has proved to be considerably easier and more economical to set up than conventional fieldbuses.

Compact Profinet I/O Modules Measure Short Distances

Printing industry supplier Beil GmbH uses TBEN-S compact Profinet I/O modules directly on 40 millimeter aluminum profiles in a punch bender for print shops. Data is now implemented using Industrial Ethernet, which has proved to be considerably easier and more economical to set up than conventional fieldbuses.

A Sweet, Simple Solution for Greater Manufacturing Efficiency

By leveraging a single process controller and the latest SCADA solution from Siemens, a confections manufacturer realized new levels of process efficiency and plant-wide data transparency to support strong, ongoing growth.

Specifically, the S7-319 provides all necessary communications interfaces right on board the CPU. This was important for the manufacturer’s desired application. Of the three on-board communications interfaces, two handle serial-based protocols for PROFIBUS networks and distributed I/O applications and drives. Further, the controller also has an on-board Ethernet interface that handles PROFINET protocol for distributed I/O.

PROFIBUS Network audit on one of the longest networks in the Netherlands

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A tunnel is actually a large cabinet you build around an installation. That is certainly true of the extension of the A4 motorway between Delft and Schiedam; the route has been there for years and the tunnel was built over it.

Last December I worked as a support employee in the PROCENTEC test team carrying out the network audit on this very special network. The stretch of motorway is actually 7 km long: 1 km at ground level, 2.6 km half-sunken, 1.4 km sunken and a land tunnel extending for 2 km. This resulted in an incredibly long PROFIBUS network where we had no less than 190 segments to check.

Quarry Carves Out Twice the Production

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Faced with completing one of the largest projects in its history, Canyon Rock, a Northern California quarry, used a system integrator and universal programming software to meet deadlines, save programming time through reusability of code, simplify training, and enable diagnostics to determine failures anywhere on any device. The company knew success depended on making major changes to its operations—and making them quickly—using automation and software that could replicate success in subsequent phases of the project. It would have to double production to meet the specifications of the bid it had just won.

The success of the phased approach turned largely on the implementation of Profinet, the newly applied communications architecture. "Before this project, the plant had no network," Schulz pointed out. "Once we rolled out a backbone for the entire plant, and put all components on a common network, the PLCs could talk to the HMIs which could talk to the VFDs and the motor monitoring devices."

Automation Drives Asphalt Innovations

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Astec, widely recognized as the largest U.S. producer of asphalt manufacturing plants, is increasingly turning to automation technologies to optimize plant energy use, reduce waste, and speed its assembly process.

“Our control systems use Profibus or Profinet for networking because of its ease of troubleshooting and fast connections,” said Mark Chambers, who added that Astec is increasingly moving toward standard use of Profinet because of its greater bandwidth capabilities and speed.

First electrical car ferry in the world in operation in Norway now using PROFIBUS

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The world’s first electrical car and passenger ferry powered by batteries has entered service in Norway. The ferry only uses 150 kWh per route, which corresponds to three days use of electricity in a standard Norwegian household. Built in conjunction with shipbuilder Fjellstrand, Siemens installed the complete electric propulsion system and put up charging stations with lithium-ion batteries which are charged from hydro power. With the change to battery, ship owner Norled is reducing the cost of fuel by up to 60 percent. The Norled ferry represents a milestone on the road to operating completely emission-free ferries along Norway’s long coastline, with at least 50 other routes currently able to sustain battery-operated vessels.

The integrated automation systems control and monitor the machineries and auxiliaries on the ferry and are connected via Profibus to all other subsystems.

The IIoT Meets Automated Grain Operations

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When you think about how to keep grain operations running smoothly with zero downtime and no undetected safety hazards or unnecessary operating costs, the Internet of Things is probably not the first answer that comes to mind. But that’s the approach TempuTech used in developing a cloud-based system for Riceland Foods’ grain facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The system is designed to provide continuous monitoring and actionable information to help operators proactively prevent problems by managing both grain and equipment conditions.

Read this Application Story to find out what they achieved.

Cement Handling Systems at Chinese Shipyard Use PROFIBUS

"The advantages begin in the shipyard and extend throughout the vessel's lifetime," says Mr. Wong. "This is because the distributed control and Profibus system are quick and easy to install, while maintenance costs are low. MacGregor's global service network ensures excellent customer support wherever these new vessels are deployed."

Extending Diamond Mine Life with PROFINET

The primary purpose of this project is to extend the life of mines and to ramp up the rate of mining.

The project includes 10 motor control centers with over 200 starters. Variable speed drives and soft starters were also installed. PROFINET is the communication protocol.

Mobile debarking system relies on MVK Metal and PROFIBUS

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Fieldbus installation concepts using MVK Metal are well-established solutions for highly automated production lines. Sometimes, Murrelektronik's rugged fieldbus module is used in applications where you wouldn't quite expect it. A prime example is the Halder GmbH mobile debarking system. The machine builder, located in southern Germany, retrofitted their systems with MVK Metal, a modern Profibus fieldbus solution.

How a California Quarry Doubles Production, Lowers Costs

Canyon Rock turned to Siemens Totally Integrated Automation, TIA Portal engineering software and Profinet communications for rapid expansion and increased profitability.

Faced with completing one of the largest projects in its history, Canyon Rock, a Northern California quarry, knew success depended on making major changes to its operations—and making them quickly. It needed to double production to meet the specifications of the bid it had just won, a sizable effort that required outside help. Recognizing that increasing capacity so significantly meant a major modernization, the company turned to its long-time business associate, automation specialist EandM, along with the known quality and reliability of the Siemens automation products and systems EandM distributes, to make it happen.

Connected Manufacturing: Better Data, Better Decisions

Leveraging powerful network technologies such as Profinet with existing infrastructure eliminates complexity, enhances decision making and speeds response to plant events.

In today’s increasingly competitive global manufacturing marketplace, manufacturers need to modernize or risk falling hopelessly behind their competitors. The question: how do they do this within their existing infrastructure? The answer is not a tangible product that can be purchased off-the-shelf, nor is it a guide with secret steps to solving problems. The answer is Connected Manufacturing, an approach to infrastructure modernization based on standard engineering principles. Using Connected Manufacturing principles, manufacturers are able to upgrade their plant networks easily, cost effectively, and at their own pace without interruptions. With this approach—using technologies that connect to a manufacturers existing equipment—manufacturers can reduce operating costs, improve operations, ensure data security, and help maintain an aggressively competitive stance in the global market.

New laser-based R&D cell uses PROFIBUS for robotics & distributed IO

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A new laser-based research and development cell has been installed at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Ansty, West Midlands, to help keep British manufacturing at the forefront of assembly, fabrication, and joining technologies.

A Mitsubishi iQ-controller controls the laser, a six-axis test piece handling robot and multiple points of distributed I/O over Profibus connections.

PROFINET mining gold above the Arctic Circle with ABB

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ABB is currently upgrading the automation system at Agnico Eagle's gold mine in Lapland, with eight of its latest ruggedised PLCs for controlling equipment in harsh conditions and extreme climates. The PLCs will control the sedimentation process of the concentrating mill at Europe's largest gold mine, Agnico Eagle, in northern Finland which is 150 km inside the Arctic Circle near the town of Kittila. PROFINET connects the IO.

Excavation At Sea with PROFINET Encoders

Encoders enable the wear-free detection of rotation on electric winches for the Reimerswaal trailing suction hopper dredger

The automation on the Reimwerswaal must be particularly robust in order to withstand the extreme environmental conditions.

Previously, the rotary encoders on the winches of the Reimerswaal hopper dredger hardly lasted a year due to the extreme stresses they were subject to on the high seas. The Dutch electrical engineering company eL-Tec therefore developed a wear-free solution for detecting cable winch rotation, using Turck's QR24 robust and contactless inductive encoders. As the Profinet connection is implemented with Turck's BL20 multiprotocol I/O system, the crew on board can now also replace an encoder themselves.

Automation of the car body assembly lien for the new Audi A3

When Audi AG redesigned its Audi A3, the company needed an entire new assembly line in Ingolstadt, Germany. The Phoenix Contact RFC 470S safety controller using the Profinet/Profisafe system met the system needs: flexibility, performance and diagnostics.

PROFIBUS Monitor detects critical changes in the fieldbus system and prevents downtimes

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A breakdown of the fieldbus communication system can quickly become very expensive, particularly if it causes unplanned downtime of complex machinery like paper manufacturing facilities. To avoid network problems, it is essential to know the current age-related states of the installed PROFIBUS components. The PROFIBUS Monitor (BC-502-PB) diagnostics tool for the continuous monitoring of PROFIBUS networks supports the early detection of potential failures. In addition, the analysis data provided by the PROFIBUS Monitor can be used as the basis for scheduling preventive maintenance action during planned machine downtimes.

Automation Lessons Learned at Iron Bridge Water Plant

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The City of Orlando’s Iron Bridge Water Treatment Plant. Bill Wood, Manager of the Industrial Automation Group, and Guy Mecabe, System Manager of Wastewater Systems, discussed their systems philosophy at the plant. The city owns and manages four large wastewater treatment facilities with associated remote pumping and lift stations. The Iron Bridge plant was originally built in the 1980s to treat about 5 million gallons of wastewater per day. After several modifications and upgrades, it can now treat and reclaim up to 40 million gallons in that same 24-hour period. The facilities standardized on Siemens controls, drives, power distribution, and Profibus and PROFINET communications network.

PROFIBUS Helps with UK Flood Control

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Two concrete towers stand 20 meters above the ground at the UK Environment Agency's Dartford Barrier Flood Defence System in Kent, England. The barrier is routinely closed in conjunction with the bigger Thames Barrier upstream to prevent high tide water in the River Thames flowing back up the creek and flooding Dartford and the surrounding area.

Much of the equipment the control system spoke to was PROFIBUS- or Siemens-based. Two PROFIBUS Master communication modules (MVI56-PDPMV1) from ProSoft Technology were installed inside ControlLogix PACs to facilitate communications.

Oil Sand Wells Benefit from PROFIBUS

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Devon Canada's Jackfish SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) operations comprise Jackfish, Jackfish 2 and the currently under-construction Jackfish 3. Jackfish and Jackfish 2 each produce 35,000 barrels of bitumen heavy oil per day, with estimated total recoverable resources of 300 million barrels in the holdings.

Herb Elliott Port and Rail Infrastructure

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Against the backdrop of an emerging minerals resources boom driven by the economic transformation of China and India, plus, restricted access to existing rail and port facilities, Fortescue was forced to build its own rail and port infrastructure to take advantage of Asia’s growing demand for Iron Ore. In partnership with engineering firm WorleyParsons, construction at the Herb Elliott Port commenced in November 2006 on reclaimed swampland, and first deliveries of iron ore from Cloudbreak mine were uploaded and stockpiled ready for export in April 2008.

PROFINET builds the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Aerospace automation provider Advanced Integration Technology incorporated Safety PLCs, Motion Control, plus safety and standard I/O, all on a single PROFINET network for more efficient, compliant automation. Read this Application Story to find out how they did it.

PROFINET Controls Navigation Lock

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The Xiangjiang hydro-junction located in the center of China contributes to shipping, water supply, flood control, livability and travel in that area. Its navigation lock is the first duplex lock capable of handling 2000 tons of shipping each way, and the lock gates are the largest in all of China's inland rivers, measuring 20m high, 20m wide and weighing 300 tons.

PROFIBUS Crane Monitored with COMbricks

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Attero's automation team in Moerdijk, Netherlands has installed a COMbricks module in the PROFIBUS network of one of its cranes to eliminate cable breakages and EMI issues. The company annually burns over 1 million tons of household waste and converts the heat created into hot steam for the Essent power station next door.

PROFINET Does That – Fori Automation

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Fori Automation wanted to solve a difficult problem in the aerospace industry with their innovative Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). They needed an automation network that provided motion control, safety, and wireless in a single all-encompassing solution. PROFINET Does That.

PROFINET Does That – Precision Drilling

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The days of “dumb iron” in North America’s oil and gas fields are numbered. That’s the conviction of Darcy Falardeau of Precision Drilling Corporation, who sees modern communication networks like Profinet making drilling rigs and the associated on-site equipment smarter, and making the overall drilling process safer and more efficient.

PROFINET Does That – GE Appliances

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Moving at the speed demanded in today’s business environment, where stiff competition means new products must be made and introduced faster than ever before, requires technologies that simplify production start-ups. For GE Appliances, those technologies include the Profinet industrial Ethernet network.

PROFINET goes Wireless

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In this Application Story we examine how using wireless PROFINET was able to solve connectivity problems in a harsh environment in the steel industry.