certified training class

Aug 16


Continuing with news from the PI North America General Assembly Meeting, Martin Raab of the PROFI Interface Center updated us on engineers and installers certified and products certified.  Certification plays an important role in the PROFIBUS and PROFINET community. PI certifies PI Competence Centers (PICCs), PI Test Labs (PITLs), and PI Training Centers (PITCs).  Each…

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Jan 7

PROFI classes for 2010

Each year at this time, we at PTO scramble to find cities and times for the free PROFIBUS and PROFINET classes we offer throughout North America.  We’ve narrowed all of them down to cities and months.  Now we’re working to get final dates and confirmed venues (we have that for the first couple).  We have…

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Oct 29

Training Class Discount

It doesn’t happen often, but the last two PROFItech classes of 2009 have some seats left.  We’d like to fill them.  If you are not a member of PTO, we’ll give you a 10% discount for these two classes only.  (If you are a member, you already get a discount!)  Register by November 4 and…

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Jun 12

PROFINET Certified Network Engineer Training

How do you gauge the growth of your favorite technology without an expensive market company study?  (PROFINET being the technology; it’s my favorite.)  One way is the number of people coming to the free one-day training classes.  (An ever-increasing number.)  A second is those taking the next step and clamoring for the next class –…

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