Technical Support

PI North America is supported by independent companies with deep technical knowledge of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies. Each is rigorously validated and must adhere to a Quality of Services agreement with PI North America.

Services Provided:

Technical Problem Resolution

Extended Training and Education

Device Testing and Certification

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PI Competence Centers

PI Competence Centers (PICCs) provide technical support to both vendors and users of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. PICCs can help answer protocol communication questions before, during, and after network installation.

PI Training Centers

A PI Training Center (PITC) is an organization that has proven itself via independent auditing to be knowledgeable enough on PROFIBUS and PROFINET to provide education services to others. These services often include certified training courses whereby students that successfully complete the given course receive a certificate from PI. Courses can be targeted towards both users and vendors of the technologies -see the Training section on the website to learn more.

PI Test Labs

Accredited PI Test Laboratories (PITLs) offer device testing services based on globally standardized conformance and interoperability testing procedures. PITLs ensure all tested products with a PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface perform as specified. Vendors looking to get started developing a PROFINET product should visit the PROFINET Development page.

Technical Support Under PI North America