Dec 10

SPS 2012: PROFIdrive

PROFIdrive is an application profile that sits above the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communications protocols. It arranges the data in a consistent fashion to simplify the interchange of information. Drive vendors can choose not to use PROFIdrive, but then the drive parameters are not so easily exchanged. To make it easier for drive vendors to adopt…

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Sep 17

Industrial Ethernet in Motion Control

Today I viewed the Automation World webcast “Deterministic Ethernet for Distributed Motion Control” (sponsored by National Instruments).  It’s now available for viewing. It covers EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, and PROFINET for motion control.  Irene Bearly of NI handled the PROFINET portion very well.  (She learned at one of our free training classes – you should attend one.) …

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Sep 9


I’m in Cincinnati for a PROFINET one-day training class tomorrow after last week in Toronto and the week before in Milwaukee with a stopover in Cleveland.  I have some reports from all these places coming up, but first… Having arrived in town early, I had a chance to visit PTO member Jacobs Automation.  I got…

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Apr 27

PROFIsafe in Hanover (Hanover Fair 2009 Report 2)

The PROFIsafe wall gets longer with every fair.  Befitting its longevity, I suppose. PROFIsafe began over 10 years ago.  Through last year there were 630,000 PROFIsafe nodes installed.  Based on the ARC report that the total number of bus-capable safety devices is 700,000, PROFIsafe has a 90% market share.  PROFIsafe is the only bus-based safety…

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