On the Road Again

With the arrival of August, the end of summer seems much closer.  For PI North America that means we’ll be back on the road teaching PROFINET one-day training classes again.  We have six to go:

  • Chicago
  • Tampa
  • Louisville
  • Detroit
  • Raleigh
  • Seattle

Starting on August 27 in Chicago, we have a completely revamped curriculum.  Granted, the facts of PROFINET are unchanged, but…  There are new features.  There are old features we’ve not explained sufficiently.  There is the challenge of ordering sections in a logical way.  All of these are addressed in the revamped class.  Look at our map and click the city nearest you for details and registration.

To prepare for the class, read “PROFINET Student Tips.”

And for a short slide show of a typical class:

I hope to see you in a PROFINET one-day training class.  They’re free, you know.

–Carl Henning