5 Lessons about PROFINET You Can Learn from Superheroes

Sometimes I just have to try to make PROFINET even more fun than usual.  So this is a (DC) comic-relief post.  (Bad pun intended.)

The_Flash_Arrow_DebutSpeed.  Faster than Flash.

PROFINET can achieve update times of 31.25 microseconds.  Even on busy Ethernet backbones PROFINET can hit 250 microseconds with no special hardware.



Wireless.  Invisible in the air like Wonder Woman’s plane.

PROFINET can use standard wireless technologies like WiFi and Bluetooth.  It’s wireless so you can’t see the messages in the air.  But you can see the results.

Market size. Bigger than The Hulk.

PROFINET, with over 10,000,000 nodes installed, enjoys the number one market share position, nudging out number two.


Diagnostics.  Bat-signal.

You need to know if a problem has occurred (or is close to occurring).  PROFINET signals that with the most comprehensive diagnostic suite of any Industrial Ethernet.

Powerful.  Superman

PROFINET has broad-based power in factory and process applications plus motion control.  PROFINET has in-depth power with a richness of features from Simple Device Replacement to Fast Start Up to its Tool Calling Interface.  Oh, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) is available too.


Now, I’ll leave you to marvel at these comparisons <groan>.

–Carl Henning