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Nov 1

PROFINET Classes in New Cities in 2017

We’ve started selecting cities to visit in 2017 with our free PROFINET one-day training classes. (For insight into how we choose, see our rules in Picking PROFINET Cities.) We plan to visit 16 cities in the US and one in Canada in 2017. We bounce back and forth in the country to stay in southern…

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Aug 16

Back to School (for PROFINET)

School kids have already gone back to school here or are about to. And PROFINET one-day training classes are about to resume after their summer hiatus. Over the next month we’ll be in Montreal, Boston, and Houston. Then four more to finish the calendar year with 17 classes. We hope to see you in one…

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Jan 5

Picking PROFINET Cities

PI North America chooses 16 or 17 cities around the continent for each year’s free PROFINET one-day training classes.  Here is our formerly top secret selection methodology: Never on a Monday… or Friday.  Students face an uncertain start of their week so we avoid Mondays.  Fridays are the days engineers scramble to finish tasks for…

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May 5

PROFINET Student Tips

With sixteen free PROFINET one-day training classes around the USA, we probably have one near you.  You should come.  (See the city list.)  Here are some tips to get the most out of the class: Be prepared.  If you are unfamiliar with Ethernet, before you come, watch our webinar “An Introduction to Ethernet for Control…

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Feb 25

PROFINET Classes, Quantitatively Speaking

We finished our second free PROFINET one-day training class on February 18 in Birmingham. The first one was earlier in February in San Diego (see PROFINET – Not Pregnant Enough in San Diego). I posted some results from the course evaluations in San Diego, but those were qualitative. With two classes done, I decided to…

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Feb 11

PROFINET – Not Pregnant Enough in San Diego

Last week marked the kickoff of our 2014 one-day training classes with the San Diego class. Everything went pretty smoothly considering we have a new approach this year. We jump right into the “How do I” sections after a short introduction. Some of those sections include a behind the scenes look at how PROFINET does…

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Nov 12

Next Year in …

Next year in… not Jerusalem, but in 16 cities around North America for free PROFINET one-day training classes. This will be the first place you see our plans for 2014: City Month San Diego February Birmingham February Houston March Greenville March Dayton April Las Vegas April Kansas City April Boston May Milwaukee June Cleveland June…

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Jun 18

PROFIBUS One-Day Training Class – What happens?

Inspired by a post last month about what happens in the free PROFINET One-Day Training Class, here is an accompanying summary of the PROFIBUS version. Similarly, the class commences promptly at 8:30am. For me, however, the day starts a couple hours earlier. There are a lot of things to prepare: ensuring the continental breakfast is…

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May 1

PROFINET one-day training class – What is it like?

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what a PROFINET one-day training class is like.  (Unless you’re one of the thousands of folks who have already attended one.)  Here’s what happens: Badge pickup and onsite registration begin early on class day, like 7:00am.  The class does not start until 8:30 but some folks arrive very early, perhaps…

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Nov 13

Happy New Year

I know January 1st is a ways off, but we’re looking forward to the 2013 free one-day training class schedule now. We’ve selected the cities we’d like to teach in next year and are working diligently on finding venues. We haven’t announced these anywhere else yet, so here is your “sneak peak” at where were…

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