Mar 11

Around the World in 50 Competence Centers

PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) has created a unique institution: the PI Competence Center (PICC). There are 50 of these around the world. And their existence and availability are reasons that PROFINET is a truly global phenomenon. The PICCs are there to provide support for the PROFINET and PROFIBUS networks. A user facing network questions…

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Dec 6

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: PI Booth 2

PROFINET and PROFIBUS at every turn… in the vendor kiosks and PI features around the PI Booth at SPS. Here’s a photo gallery “look around” (click to enlarge and start slide show): And finally, a shortened, but still boring, robot video: –Carl Henning  

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Dec 5

SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: PI Booth

There were familiar PROFINET and PROFIBUS features of the PI Booth: PROFINET Wall, PROFIBUS Wall, Forum, Lounge, and member kiosks. Here’s the overview: Let’s take a look around, starting with the PROFINET Wall: The PROFIBUS wall features a little PROFINET in process applications, too: Also on the PROFIBUS wall was an example of the ability…

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Oct 17


For news of the PI North America General Assembly Meeting see: Automation World: Industry Suppliers Explain Support for Profinet & Profibus The Manufacturing Connection Control Engineering (with video) PROFIblog series Some final thoughts: I enjoy collecting the survey responses from the meeting.  This year everyone said the meeting met their expectations and most said they…

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Sep 24

Multipoint Grounding

Multipoint grounding – a post in which I draw a target on myself. I’ve been involved in some really contentious arguments on the topic. I wish I could say they were discussions, but the religious fervor of some single-point grounding advocates precludes that. I’ve had some constructive conversations on this topic in some of our…

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Sep 17

The Office and the Factory Are Exactly… Different

The office and the factory are especially different when it comes to networking. For IT folks who are used to the office environment, the factory is a shock. They have to leave the comfort of carpet for the factory’s comfort of concrete. The office provides a conditioned atmosphere; the factory – not so much: temperature…

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Aug 13

Profibus PA – The times, they are a-changin’

[A guest post from James Powell, author of Catching the Process Fieldbus, reviewed here.] “The times, they are a-changin’”.  Bob Dylan wrote these words decades ago (and about a very different topic!), but when I look at the Profibus PA market today, this song immediately pops into my head. Last year at this time, there…

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Jul 30

Random PROFINET Links

Not ‘random’ – ‘carefully chosen.’  Some topics, mostly PROFIBUS or PROFINET-related, gathered from my news feed: GE Intelligent Platforms has a blog called “A Connected World” that you should check out.  I guest blog over there occasionally.  You can subscribe for monthly emailed updates. In my OEM days, I subscribed to Machine Design.  I always…

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Jun 18

PROFIBUS One-Day Training Class – What happens?

Inspired by a post last month about what happens in the free PROFINET One-Day Training Class, here is an accompanying summary of the PROFIBUS version. Similarly, the class commences promptly at 8:30am. For me, however, the day starts a couple hours earlier. There are a lot of things to prepare: ensuring the continental breakfast is…

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May 21

Go with the Network that Works

I enjoy working with editors from the trade press – contributing to whatever topic they’re writing about.  Of course, they have limited space in which to present their topic and they have to include viewpoints from multiple sources.  Having neither of those restrictions here let me provide some additional background to a recent article by…

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