SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: PI Booth

There were familiar PROFINET and PROFIBUS features of the PI Booth: PROFINET Wall, PROFIBUS Wall, Forum, Lounge, and member kiosks. Here’s the overview:

PI Booth floor plan

PI Booth floor plan at SPS2013

Let’s take a look around, starting with the PROFINET Wall:


The PROFIBUS wall features a little PROFINET in process applications, too:


Also on the PROFIBUS wall was an example of the ability to substitute one brand of device with another and one device with a later model device:

PROFIBUS Wall featuring profile 3.02

We videoed a live demo of this feature several shows ago:

The booth was 286 square meters (3,078 square feet) with about 100 vendors represented, 32 of them with their own kiosks. In the next post, we’ll look at some of the kiosks and other features.

–Carl Henning