Random PROFINET Links

Not ‘random’ – ‘carefully chosen.’  Some topics, mostly PROFIBUS or PROFINET-related, gathered from my news feed:

GE Intelligent Platforms has a blog called “A Connected World” that you should check out.  I guest blog over there occasionally.  You can subscribe for monthly emailed updates.

In my OEM days, I subscribed to Machine Design.  I always found it helpful way back then, when I was designing controls for plastics extrusion machinery.  At the magazine’s site, you might find this article interesting: “The case for retrofitting with advanced motion controllers

Siemens has a three-minute video on PROFINET running faster.  It shows how very short cycle times can be achieved:

[This takes a little longer than our MinutePROFINET video “PROFINET Fast” on the same topic.]

From down under comes “Developments in wireless-based automation.”

On a product level, we have this news from GE Intelligent Platforms: “GE’s PROFINET Enabled I/O Solutions are Built to Connect and Collaborate

How cool would it be if there were a series of technical columns titled “Secret Science Fiction”?  They are real and appear in Computer magazine.  The May issue has Secret Science Fiction Prototypes.  The magazine is published by the IEEE Computer Society.  You should belong to IEEE and subscribe to Computer and IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications and probably others.  There are also local groups meeting around the world.  I’ve been a member for a long time (now a Life Senior Member) and heartily recommend membership.

–Carl Henning