Industrial Ethernet in Motion Control

Today I viewed the Automation World webcast “Deterministic Ethernet for Distributed Motion Control” (sponsored by National Instruments).  It’s now available for viewing.

It covers EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, and PROFINET for motion control.  Irene Bearly of NI handled the PROFINET portion very well.  (She learned at one of our free training classes – you should attend one.) 

Joey Stubbs of the EtherCAT group presented EtherCAT.  I had already been to one of Joey’s seminars, so no surprises for me here.

What was a surprise to me was in the Ethernet/IP presentation: Apparently ODVA recommends custom silicon for motion control applications.  After all their snarky remarks about PROFINET requiring proprietary silicon (I debunked that myth here*), they now need silicon.  I wonder if they need proprietary silicon. 😉

–Carl Henning
*Short version: some PROFINET applications (mostly motion applications) need custom silicon, but it’s not proprietary.  Chips are available from Siemens, NEC, Hilscher and perhaps others.