Aug 30

Long, Long Ago in the Land of Cleve

As I was flying back from the Cleveland PROFINET one-day training class I had some time to compose a few thoughts about the class and the memories it conjured up from my own Cleveland area work history. There were a few developers of automation devices in the class.  The class provided an overview, but we try to…

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Aug 20

Don’t Know Much about History

In honor of PI’s 20th birthday last year, we published a history book, Milestones, PROFIBUS – 20 years of standards for industrial communications. At the General Assembly Meeting, Geoff Hodgkinson expanded on some of that history in a light-hearted presentation.  During his presentation we discovered he has the world’s largest collection of PTO General Assembly…

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Mar 9

PROFIblog Policy Statement

The PROFIblog turns four years old today.  So, I thought it was time to state what PROFIblog is and how it is supposed to work.  About time, eh? PROFIblog is mostly about PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  And automation and fieldbuses in general.  And sometimes goes way off topic.  I’ll try to warn you when I do…

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Dec 18

The Henning Unit is Offline

In an energy saving move that does not require PROFINET or PROFIenergy, the Henning unit will be offline for a week or so.  I just finished listening to my 464 Christmas tracks so it sounds like Christmas in Scottsdale, but at 72 degrees, it does not feel like Christmas.  I’ll remedy that by spending a…

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Aug 2

You can take an engineer on vacation, but…

You can take an engineer on vacation, but… he’s still an engineer.  Sandwiched around the Boston PROFINET one-day training class, I took some vacation time in New York City, Boston, and northern Arizona.  In NYC, even an engineer will first see the symbolism of freedom… …then be disappointed that the museum gift shop does not…

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Jul 3

Upgraded to First Class (to the wrong city)

Business travel can be such a joy.  This trip was to Krakow for the PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) meeting.  Upgraded to First Class (to the wrong city).  Yes, it was that kind of trip.  My wife and I had a short layover in Chicago between Phoenix and Frankfurt – at least that was the…

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Jun 8

Journey to Mars (in fiction)

This month’s IEEE Spectrum magazine features articles about Mars exploration.  A related article “My 10 Favorite Mars Novels” by Kim Stanley Robinson reviews a century’s worth of Mars science fiction.  In the introduction, he mentions A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs and War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.  [Click on those titles…

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Dec 23

Merry Christmas and Happy Downtime

Happy Downtime! Downtime meaning personal time off to relax and recuperate as opposed to having your plant shut down unintentionally. I’ll be taking some time to enjoy family and friends, watch little ones open presents, eat too much (especially buckeyes – the candy, not the nut), and make some resolutions for 2009. Now I’m off…

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