PROFIblog Policy Statement

The PROFIblog turns four years old today.  So, I thought it was time to state what PROFIblog is and how it is supposed to work.  About time, eh?

PROFIblog is mostly about PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  And automation and fieldbuses in general.  And sometimes goes way off topic.  I’ll try to warn you when I do that.  (Warning: ths one is.)

PROFIblog is written by me, Carl Henning, Deputy Director of PTO.  If someone else is guest posting, the author is identified.  If I quote someone, I identify them.  If I quote from a magazine article, I link to it.

Opinions expressed in the PROFIblog are just mine.  Not PTO’s.  Not my co-workers.  Not PTO members.  Not PI (the umbrella organization for the 26 regional PROFIBUS and PROFINET organizations).  Not anyone else’s.  Just mine.

Facts presented here are facts as best as I can determine.  If you disagree, tell me.  I’ve made corrections based on readers’ inputs.  But…

Comments are moderated.  Anonymous comments will be studiously ignored.  Then deleted.  I’m willing to sign my name to my statements; if you’re not, don’t bother.

Oh, there’s some new government regulation that says if I review a product or service that was given to me for free, I have to tell you that.  I can tell you: it’s never happened.  Not likely to either.  I do occasionally talk about a product that I’ve seen somewhere – a trade show maybe.  If I talk about it, it’s just because I think it’s interesting, not because somebody gave it to me.  What would I do with it if they gave it to me?  I don’t need a PLC in my basement.  (OK, most houses in Arizona don’t have basements.  Mine doesn’t.)

We now resume our regularly scheduled posting.

–Carl Henning