PROFI classes for 2010

Each year at this time, we at PTO scramble to find cities and times for the free PROFIBUS and PROFINET classes we offer throughout North America.  We’ve narrowed all of them down to cities and months.  Now we’re working to get final dates and confirmed venues (we have that for the first couple).  We have ten PROFINET one-day training classes on the schedule and eight PROFIBUS.  Take a look at the class schedule to see if we’re coming to a city near you.

With the schedule in process, now we have to work to update the course material.  We’ve looked at the 2009 course evaluations and are reshaping the courses accordingly.  Look for an all new set of demos for the PROFINET classes.  The PROFIBUS classes will cover both discrete and process automation.

The Certified Network Engineer classes are all set for 2010 including a new PROFIBUS PA class.  These classes are held at the PROFI Interface Center (PIC) in Johnson City, TN.  See the Certified Network Engineer class schedule.

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