Mar 8

Functional Safety over the Network Webinar

We’ve shortened the PROFIsafe section of the PROFINET and PROFIBUS one-day training classes this year.  So naturally we’re getting some requests to beef that up.  Instead, we’ve decided to do a webinar on the topic.  It’s scheduled for 2:00pm Eastern Time on April 1.  You will find a little more information and a link to…

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Nov 28

SPS Report 4: PROFIsafe

I do not understand the slow acceptance of functional safety over the bus in North America.  PROFIsafe has been around for more than 10 years.  It covers functional safety for discrete, process, and motion control applications in the same system.  It works on PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  It works via wire or wireless.  It accepts AS-I…

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Jun 11

Wireless Ethernet Safety

One of the other questions that came up in Grand Rapids came up during the PROFINET section and related to safety.  I thought it worth expanding on the answer to that.  The question: “Can I use PROFINET over wireless in a PROFIBUS PA environment?” First, let’s be clear that we are talking about two different…

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Apr 27

PROFIsafe in Hanover (Hanover Fair 2009 Report 2)

The PROFIsafe wall gets longer with every fair.  Befitting its longevity, I suppose. PROFIsafe began over 10 years ago.  Through last year there were 630,000 PROFIsafe nodes installed.  Based on the ARC report that the total number of bus-capable safety devices is 700,000, PROFIsafe has a 90% market share.  PROFIsafe is the only bus-based safety…

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Mar 20

Report from Columbus

Part of our new approach is to include all the paperwork plus the class CD in the handout.  I was afraid that not trading CDs for Course Evaluations at the end of the day would reduce the number of evaluations that we got back.  My fear is now assuaged.  We got a lot of feedback…

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