Mar 7

Steel Coils, Cranes, Wireless, and PROFINET

Automakers are buying huge volumes of high-strength steel as they attempt to build solid, lightweight cars. Annealing and galvanizing plants throughout the Midwest process these thin steel sheets, creating steel coils that weigh up to 40 tons. Hoisting and moving these huge coils through the plant is no simple task, it requires large bridge cranes…
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Oct 16

PROFINET builds the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aerospace automation provider Advanced Integration Technology incorporated Safety PLCs, Motion Control, plus safety and standard I/O, all on a single PROFINET network for more efficient, compliant automation. Read this Application Story to find out how they did it.
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Oct 4

PROFINET goes Wireless

In this Application Story we examine how using wireless PROFINET was able to solve connectivity problems in a harsh environment in the steel industry.
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Oct 1

PROFINET in the Steel Industry

Two European companies in the steel industry are examined in how they use PROFINET in the handling of the large steel coils that are transported via automated overhead cranes.
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