8 Go-To Resources for PROFINET

1. Marketing Flyer: PROFINET.

A brief, high-level overview of PROFINET. Yes it has “marketing” in the title, so you can skip this one if you want to.

2. System Description: PROFINET Technology and Application.

Twenty eight pages of detailed introduction to PROFINET: models and engineering, basic functions, optional functions, legacy fieldbus integration, topologies, product development (for automation device makers), and the PI organization.

Alternatively, do the long scroll through the technology section of us.profinet.com.

3. MinutePROFINET.

An ever-increasing number of minute-long videos introducing PROFINET from the basics to the esoteric. Start with the oldest one, What is PROFINET?, and work your way through time and detail.

4. Whitepapers.

You can find more detail in our series of whitepapers, including “Time to migrate to Industrial Ethernet” and the very-popular “The 7 Step Industrial Ethernet Checklist.” Need to understand which switch for PROFINET? We have a whitepaper for that too.

5. Guidelines.

When you are ready to start that PROFINET automation project, you will find guidelines offering detailed assistance. There are about 500 pages of documentation here. Not all of it will apply to your project, but you will be glad to explore the detail for the parts that are part of your project:

Planning: PROFINET Design Guideline.

This 192-page guideline covers plant design, topology, selection of components, selection of transmission medium, selection of connectors, communication relations, and estimate of data volumes to be transmitted. Also included is the PROFINET Load Calculation Tool.

Security: PROFINET Security Guideline.

The security guideline has been recently updated to reflect the latest methodologies for creating a secure network.

Installation: PROFINET Guideline for Cabling and Assembly.

Routing cables, installing connectors, using fiber optic cable, grounding, and more are covered.

Commissioning: PROFINET Guideline for Commissioning.

This includes a thorough checklist you can “check off” as you commission your project. Detailed instructions are in guideline.

6. Webinars.

I suggest proceeding through these two webinars in order:

An Introduction to Ethernet for Control Engineers

Completing a PROFINET Project

There are many others that provide additional detail – here;  I especially recommend Diagnostics for PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet.

7. Free one-day training class.

There is no substitute for in-person instruction. So if you are lucky enough to live in a city on our schedule, please register.  Watch the site for updates.

8. Certified Network Engineer class.

There is no substitute for in-person instruction with hands-on training. We offer fee-based, week-long Certified Network Engineer classes in Johnson City, TN. This comprehensive class will get you into the bits and bytes of PROFINET. We are sometimes able to offer these at a user site if the number of students warrants.

And here are a couple bonus resources: here at the PROFIblog and our PROFINEWS newsletter.

–Carl Henning