White Papers

May 2011

Open to New Ways, PROFINET in Process Automation

“Open to New Ways, PROFINET in Process Automation” presents four criteria PROFINET had to meet to satisfy process industry requirements.

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Mar 2010

The PROFIenergy Profile

Automation users worldwide are driven to minimize energy consumption, to cut costs and comply with increasingly stringent ‘green’ obligations. PROFIenergy offers a solution, enabling the deployment of smart energy management strategies over PROFINET. This white paper introduces the PROFIenergy Profile and gives an in-depth overview with use cases and implementation.

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Apr 2009

Profisafe and Profibus for High Availability and Safety in the Process Industries

Process fieldbuses and open fieldbus safety protocols have caught the attention of process users in recent years thanks to the potential to cut costs and improve diagnostics. Separate the facts from the hype in this ARC white paper: Profisafe and Profibus for High Availability and Safety in the Process Industries.

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Dec 2008


The structures and topologies of conventional network technology used in IT and in automation differ only in the machine-level area. As a result, PROFINET can be easily integrated into existing network environments. This white paper describes PROFINET in IT terms and shows how PROFINET relates to IT topology. The adaptations required of Industrial Ethernet for environmental and functional purposes are described.

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Aug 2007

PROFINET IO Device Diagnostics – An Overview

PROFINET IO Device Diagnostics – An Overview. Read this overview of PROFINET diagnostics.

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Apr 2007


MES and PROFINET. The PROFINET and MES Maintenance Operations guideline of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) defines an open integration path between MES and PROFINET based automation systems.

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Apr 2006

PROFIsafe: Networked Safety for Process and Factory Automation

Profibus & PROFINET International has mated safety with industrial networking to create solutions for “networked safety” based on all available media. End-users are now taking advantage of PROFIsafe to unify their network architectures and eliminate the need for a second, parallel bus while maintaining conformity with safety standards up to SIL3. This white paper presents compelling benefits for using PROFIsafe and two success stories.

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Jan 2006

Why Use a Fieldbus?

“Why Use a Fieldbus?” The number one reason people don’t use a fieldbus is that they don’t know about them. Most likely they haven’t been told of the benefits. This White Paper remedies that!

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Nov 2005

PROFINET: An All-Encompassing Industrial Ethernet Solution

PROFINET networks the whole plant, from automation devices to enterprise, with support for specific tasks such as motion control, networked safety, and wireless connectivity. PROFINET is an All-Encompassing Industrial Ethernet Solution. This white paper presents an overview of PROFINET and some application stories.

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May 2004

The Value Proposition of PROFIBUS in the Hybrid Industries

The adoption of fieldbuses and device networks in manufacturing continues to grow rapidly, especially in hybrid industries. PROFIBUS, with its common communications layer, many application profiles, and breadth of media alternatives, offers manufacturers a solid long-term value proposition to protect their automation investments. This white paper shows the benefits of PROFIBUS in the process industries. And almost all process industries have a discrete need as well, hence are hybrid.

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