PROFIsafe: Networked Safety for Process and Factory Automation

PROFIsafe: Networked Safety for Process and Factory Automation. ARC presents some compelling benefits for using PROFIsafe and two success stories.

Executive Summary Excerpt

Two topics in particular – industrial Ethernet and safety – have caught the attention of manufacturers in recent years thanks to their potential to cut costs and improve business performance. Industrial Ethernet has unified network architectures and created a high level of data transparency from which applications such as Asset Management or Manufacturing Execution Systems profit tremendously. Safety has evolved from being a cost burden and “necessary evil” to a strategy for improving productivity and reducing downtime. Profibus International has mated safety with industrial networking to create solutions for “networked safety” based on all available media. End-users are now taking advantage of PROFIsafe to unify their network architectures and eliminate the need for a second, parallel bus while maintaining conformity with safety standards up to SIL3. Benefits of networked safety include shortened start-up times, lower wiring costs and, in the long-term, faster and more efficient maintenance…

Table of contents

  1. Executive Overview
  2. Business Drivers in Safety and Industrial Networking
  3. PI Provides Platform for Universal Plant Communication
  4. Networked Safety in Practice: Two Case Studies
  5. Recommendations
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