PROFINET: An All-Encompassing Industrial Ethernet Solution

PROFINET: An All-Encompassing Industrial Ethernet Solution. ARC presents an overview of PROFINET and some application stories. Find out more.

Executive Summary Excerpt

No other technology in recent times has stimulated the world of industrial automation as much as Ethernet. Invented in the 1970s and widely deployed in office IT architectures ever since, Ethernet didn’t make it into the factory until the 1980s. Ethernet in its standard form is not suitable for many industrial applications due its lack of deterministic performance and ruggedized hardware for harsh environments. For this reason, automation suppliers have formed industrial consortia to enhance the technology, creating what is commonly known as “industrial Ethernet”. With these challenges in mind, Profibus and Profinet International (PI) developed Profinet a comprehensive standard for Ethernet on the factory floor. PI’s goal was to base the solution on standard Ethernet while addressing the specific challenges of the manufacturing environment…

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Overview
  2. Industrial Ethernet: Business Perspectives
  3. Profinet is an All-Encompassing Solution for Industrial Ethernet
  4. Profinet at Work: Five Case Studies
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations
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