Apr 11

Somewhere over the Atlantic

I’m relatively awake but not necessarily happy to be.  But while I am, I will compose some Hanover Fair news to post when I land. First, news about PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  A number of companies make development kits for device manufacturers to get moving quickly on PROFINET products.  (We’ve recently confirmed that we will schedule…

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Apr 6

Stuck in the office

Kind of a long stretch with no travel.  Today Mike and Mike are handling the PROFIBUS in the Process Industry one-day training event in San Juan.  Sure, I go to Canada for a week and the boss goes to Puerto Rico.  (He doesn’t do “cold.”  We all live in Arizona for a reason, I guess.)…

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Mar 23

Going back to Austin

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d been here.  Bergstrom was an air base then and now it’s the Austin airport.  I guess my youngest graduated from UT longer ago that I realized. The training class was terrific.  Man, I love this technology!  One of the things we do to break up…

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Mar 22

National Manufacturing Week Part 2

I set most of today aside to visit the show before heading off to Austin for the PROFINET one-day training event there tomorrow.  But I saw all of the show I needed to during lunchtime yesterday.

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Mar 21

National Manufacturing Week

At National Manufacturing Week today.  Well, the conference actually.  I participated in an all-day session moderated by Control Engineering’s Mark Hoske: a round-up of 7 Industrial Ethernet technologies.  Each technology was presented and the session concluded with a round table panel discussion.  Modbus and Ethernet/IP sent slides but no representative.  Mark went through the slides…

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Mar 12

PTO one-day training events in Canada

I’m just back from the PROFIBUS and Process one-day training events in Montreal and Toronto only to find snow in the mountains north of our Scottsdale office.  I did not mean to bring the snow back with me! We had a lively group in each venue and a lot of good questions (and answers).  There…

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Mar 12

Let the blogging begin

We at the PTO have been looking for a good way to keep current information flowing.  Blogging is the way.  We don’t expect this to be a daily blog, but do check back a few times a week or sign up for notification.

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