The raging controversy between FDT and EDDL continued at Hanover.  This is just silly.

My advice to those who are so wrapped up in one that they can’t tolerate the other is this: get over it!  Neither is going away.  The users will pick which one they want… IF THEY CARE.  And they don’t really need to care.  They are looking for results not technology – results not political intrigue.

At the PTO we have vendor-members that are committed to EDDL, we have those committed to FDT, and we have those who have some involvement with both.  Shouldn’t all of us be expending our energy to provide what users need instead of wasting it voicing our prejudices?  Let’s move on.

Now I’m finally caught up with the report from Hanover Fair and I’m moving on to PROFINET activities and the next issue of PROFInews North American Edition.