Are you going to Hanover Fair…

Not Scarborough Fair… and no parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme.  Are You Going to Hanover Fair could have been the tune at Hanover Fair on Monday (with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel).  Monday attendance seemed off from prior years; one company said they had 20% fewer leads.  Fortunately Tuesday picked up and Wednesday was very busy; in the PROFIBUS/PROFINET booth we had more leads than in any recent year.  I’ve left Germany now for more meetings in Europe before heading home on Saturday – whew!

I ran into Gary Mintchell from Automation World on Tuesday.  We chatted very briefly about blogging and he linked to PROFIblog.  You’ll find his initial take on the show on his blog.

Big topics that I ran across included

lots of news about PROFIBUS and PROFINET

IO-Link, a new sensor and actuator network

lots of wireless devices (and more than a little hype)

the EDDL/FDT controversy

I’ll add some depth in each of these categories as time permits – perhaps written on the long flight home.