Top Ten Reasons to Become Certified in PROFINET

Carl and Michael are at the annual international PI meeting. So this week we feature this guest post from the instructor of the PROFINET Certified Network Engineer class, Hunter Harrington:

Run the automation race and keep the pace with your very own PROFINET certification.

Your Goal: Become a PROFINET certified engineer to help keep pace with today’s challenges and changes in industrial automation using Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET and prepare for future opportunities.

Here’s why:

The automation landscape of today is changing and challenging.  There’s the Internet of things (and PROFINET of things), with cloud based networking and data analysis, real time communications for IO, drives and motion control, HMIs, PLCs and PC based controllers, security, wireless, profiles like safety and energy, and multiple protocols and multiple ways to solve your network challenges.  Enter PROFINET: which is THE standard solution from PI (PROFINET International) and leading standard for Industrial automation over Ethernet.  This is the network that can tie all of your automation devices together whether it’s a complete Ethernet network or a mixed network with legacy systems.  PROFINET comes packed with network management features and comprehensive diagnostics you need to know about.

Due to PROFINET’s breadth of features and networking depth, it’s not only in your best interest to learn about it, but to also become certified in the subject.  PI North America offers a week long PROFINET certification class on PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet.  It’s a deep dive into the bits, bytes, function and features of the technology which gets you going at a faster pace and improves your automation skill set.  After the course, when working with PROFINET, you’ll impress your peers and be more comfortable on the job.  Not only that, you’ll have your name posted on PI’s website and have new career or product / customer opportunities.  Here are the biggest advantages of coming to the class:

Top ten reasons to become a PROFINET certified engineer

  1. It’s a differentiator for you and your peers and the competition (which aren’t certified)
  2. Earning your own certification boosts your confidence and prestige
  3. New tools to master (Engineering, Network management, Wireshark, more)
  4. Rapid learning and state of the art technology transfer
  5. Experience is everything, learn from the experts
  6. Continuous learning improves your overall skill set
  7. Possible compensation increase and new career / product / customer opportunities
  8. New networking community and contacts
  9. Become your own mentor and teach others
  10. Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are included

Sign up today, it IS worth it!  Here is a syllabus of what you’ll learn too.