Dec 15 2018

PROFI-Resources: What about documentation?

Are you aware of the many freely downloadable documents on our website? From guidelines, to system descriptions, to marketing brochures, to slide sets, all topics are covered in a range of depths from introductory to advanced. Check out our documentation section at: Brochures Marketing flyers and brochures provide the most introductory level of knowledge…

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Dec 1 2018

PI News from SPS IPC Drives 2018

Technology Providers Implement PROFINET with TSN A live demo with solutions from three different manufacturers was introduced to the public at SPS IPC Drives 2018. The demo shows how easily TSN can be integrated in PROFINET in view of different technologies. In the live demo, prototypical implementations from three different companies – Texas Instruments, Analog Devices,…

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Nov 15 2018

Industrial Wireless Architectures- PROFINET

PROFINET can be connected wirelessly as easily and seamlessly as it can be connected with regular wires (copper, fiber). Wireless is part of PROFINET’s specification for two wireless standards: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When speaking about wireless PROFINET communications for industrial automation, there are a variety of architectures available depending on the particular application. This post will go…

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Oct 30 2018

APL: Bringing Ethernet to the Field

“The realization of this vision began in 2011, when a group of solution suppliers at the urging of several end user groups began a technical investigation of a protocol-neutral, advanced physical layer (a.k.a., APL) that could solve the longtime problem of a long-reach Ethernet for use in hazardous locations.” APL White Paper Description In order…

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Oct 15 2018

GAM 2018 Report

24 Years for PI North America Last month PI North America hosted their General Assembly Meeting (GAM) from September 11th to 13th in Scottsdale, Arizona. This GAM marked the 24th birthday for PI North America. The meeting updated attendees on the organization’s initiatives, future plans, and technology trends. In the previous GAM, PI North America switched…

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Sep 30 2018

Fiber Installation Considerations

PROFINET cable manufacturers offer a range of cable types and classes for different applications, including those with special properties. These cables come in two flavors: copper and fiber optics. This post covers installation considerations for fiber optics cables. Because fiber optic cables do not carry electrical currents or voltages they are totally immune to electromagnetic…

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Sep 15 2018

PROFINET Installation Considerations

It is crucial to start a PROFINET project by reading the installation guidelines. The PROFINET guidelines help ensure your networks are stable and efficient. This year, some blogposts(like this one) will cover installation topics. Here are some tips and best practices for your PROFINET installation: Routing PROFINET Cables PROFINET Cabling should be routed appropriately and…

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Aug 30 2018

Scalable PROFINET System Redundancy

Redundancy is a requirement in many process automation systems.  Four PROFINET system redundancy configurations have been defined by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International: S1, S2, R1, and R2. First, S or R denotes whether a PROFINET node implements either a Single or a set of Redundant Network Access Point (NAP).  Then, the number following S or R determines the number…

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Aug 14 2018

PROFINET Redundant Components

Generally, in an automation network, there are many components that can potentially fail. Depending on the end user’s requirement, PROFINET allows them to build a reliable network according to their specific goals. Specifically, there are four PROFINET redundant components: Media Redundancy, Controller Redundancy, Device Redundancy, and Network Redundancy. Device Redundancy A network with device redundancy has a…

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Jul 30 2018

Switches and Ring Topologies

PROFINET offers a variety of possible topologies: tree, line, ring, star, etc. Nearly all PROFINET devices have two ports on them, and behind these two ports, there is an integrated switch which allows the creation of a line topology. Some topologies permit redundant media and decrease the chance of failure. Specifically, PROFINET allows you to…

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