PROFINET Development Cycle

The Easy Way to PROFINET brochure is a guide for PROFINET development. The document focuses on the development and implementation of PROFINET products. We have created our own version of the brochure to support local developers in North America. Read this short excerpt of the Product Development Cycle Section and make sure to read the whole guide:


Integration of an industrial communication interface into an automation device begins with information gathering to determine the functionality of your industrial networks along with familiarization about the task at hand. PI itself, as well as, a number of its member companies can provide you with comprehensive information here. Advice is available from various PI Competence Centers, vendors, books, brochures, seminars, and workshops for getting to know PROFINET.


Development proceeds faster to our goal if we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In order to bring PROFINET into automation devices quickly and efficiently, the expertise of PI members on the following topics is available:

  • Development environment.
  • Implementation options
  • Hardware/software design
  • Device description file


PROFINET communication in industrial plants is based on IEC 61158 and IEC 61784. In addition, IEC 62061/ ISO 13849-1 apply to safety modules and devices. To ensure interoperability and conformity of automation devices from different manufacturers, device certification by an accredited test laboratory (PITL) is mandatory for PROFINET. Even though every PROFINET device must be certified, the effort required for successful certification varies depending on the technology used.

For you, the manufacturer, certification is as easy as can be: The fully developed PROFINET device is tested by an accredited test laboratory. After successful testing you, the manufacturer, can apply for a certificate from the PI, using the test report as a basis.

Service & Support

Once your device is certified, it is now ready for the market. Make sure your package is complete, including sales literature and web presence. Also, make sure your sales force thoroughly understands the product. GSD files should be included in your package, or preferably made available over the internet.

You may have your own routes to market, but PI can help you:

  • A member-maintained on-line product database at
  • Electronic newsletters such as PROFINEWS with large distribution lists which can be used to promote your product and generate sales leads
  • Feature member press releases in the PI North America website

Read the whole Brochure HERE