PROFINET Does That – Fori Automation

PROFINET Enables Increased Flexibility in Aerospace Manufacturing

To watch a Fori Automation Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) operate is to witness an engineering marvel: Steadily moving up to two feet per second across the floor of an aerospace manufacturer’s cavernous production facility, one carries a 30-ton, 60-foot-long wing frame for a commercial jet aircraft to its assembly point. With the payload worth several million, the AGV must be controlled precisely, which it is – to within five millimeters. And with workers walking all around, it must operate safely, which it does – using warning horns and lights, e-stops, laser scanners and pressure bumpers, all governed by an onboard safety PLC.

Fori needed an automation network that provided motion control, safety, and wireless in a single all-encompassing solution. PROFINET Does That.