PROFINET Student Tips

With sixteen free PROFINET one-day training classes around the USA, we probably have one near you.  You should come.  (See the city list.)  Here are some tips to get the most out of the class:

Be prepared.  If you are unfamiliar with Ethernet, before you come, watch our webinar “An Introduction to Ethernet for Control Engineers.”  (You’ve already registered for the class, so to register for the webinar you just need to enter your email address.)

Arrive a little early.  We serve a light breakfast starting at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class at Greenville_Class8:30.  Pick up your badge; no further paperwork needed.  If you didn’t register, we have simple form for you to fill out.

Visit the vendor tables.  They are showing real PROFINET products. Products you will probably need at some point.

Engage with the instructors.  By asking questions during class.  By asking questions during lunch and the breaks.

We break for lunch at noon exactly.  There’s plenty of time to eat (including dessert) and go back to the classroom to visit the exhibit tables.

The afternoon break is my personal favorite – it’s cookie time.  Please save me one chocolate chip cookie.

Leaving early to beat traffic is not a job skill.  We finish before 4:00 usually (depending on the number of questions during the class). And if you leave early, you’ll miss the raffle for the Big Prize.  We raffle off some good stuff throughout the day.  (“Some” good stuff means that not all the prizes are good.  No, wait, they’re all good… some are just more valuable.)

This short slideshow will show you a typical class day.

Before you go, fill out the Course Evaluation.  We use your feedback to shape changes to the class.

See you in class!

–Carl Henning