Hanover Fair: News Roundup

After ranting just a little about PROFIpeople, I was called upon to introduce the international version of PROFInews.  I’ll repeat the introduction in the next PROFInews North American Edition.  And that introduction is about Hanover Fair so make that your first stop in the Hanover fair news roundup.  And it’s followed by even more information.

Hanover Fair First Impressions
Hanover Fair: The News – New Competence Center in which I provide some background information on what a PI Competence Center is
Hanover Fair: The News – PROFI Growth where I reluctantly talk about node counts and market share
Hanover Fair – Diagnostics includes an explanatory animated video
Hanover Fair – A Look Around with a picture gallery

Hanover Fair: Day 1 about  Industry 4.0
Hanover, Day 2: German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) expects 2 percent growth in automation for 2013 Financial-related
Hanover 2013: Day 3 which agrees with my notion that Hanover Fair is in decline
Hanover 2013: Siemens PLM’ CEO Chuck Grindstaff Explains His Philosophy
Hanover 2013: Siemens Industry Customer Service Growth Strategy

Industrial Ethernet Book
Hanover Fair: Integrated Industry

Phoenix Contact videos
2013 Hanover Fair News – Day 1 – Phoenix Contact
2013 Hanover Fair News – Day 2 – Phoenix Contact
2013 Hanover Fair News – Day 3 – Phoenix Contact  with a little PROFI at 4 minutes
2013 Hanover Fair News – Day 4 – Phoenix Contact
2013 Hanover Fair – Day 5 – Phoenix Contact

Sharing Holistic Manufacturing Concepts at Hannover Messe

Automation World

Control Engineering
Hannover Messe: U.S. driving global growth; Innovations deliver manufacturing efficiency

Siemens Hanover Fair YouTube playlist

Gary Mintchell podcast

That’s a wrap of Hanover Fair news.

–Carl Henning