Hanover Fair: The News – PROFI Growth

I almost hate to talk about the numbers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET nodes – the growth is so great that it just seems like bragging.  I did say “almost.”  The numbers through the end of 2012:

PROFINET jumped to 5.8 million nodes installed.

PROFIBUS grew to an installed base of 43.8 million of which 7.5 million are in process.

PROFIsafe enjoyed 50% growth to 2.15 million nodes installed.

Market share is also interesting.  PROFIBUS continues as the most-installed of the serial fieldbuses.  PROFINET is at 30% of the market for Industrial Ethernets according to IMS Research.  At 30%, PROFINET is tied with EtherNet/IP for market share, but growing faster!  (CAGR of +16.9% for PROFINET, compared to +14.8% for EtherNet/IP.)

North America is ending its neglect of functional safety over the bus.  Europe is ahead of us in this category.  PROFIsafe is a beneficiary of the increasing adoption of safety over the bus.  IMS has PROFIsafe market share at 41% which puts PROFIsafe as the market leader.

PROFIsafe works transparently from PROFIBUS to PROFINET and back again over wired or wireless connections.  It covers discrete, process, and motion applications in one system.  If you need to know more about PROFIsafe, view these two videos: discrete and process.

More from Hanover coming soon…

–Carl Henning