Back to School (for PROFINET)

School kids have already gone back to school here or are about to. And PROFINET one-day training classes are about to resume after their summer hiatus. Over the next month we’ll be in Montreal, Boston, and Houston. Then four more to finish the calendar year with 17 classes.

We hope to see you in one of the remaining classes. If you are planning to, here is some advice on how to prepare: PROFINET Student Tips. And here is a slideshow of what to expect at the class:

How do students react to the PROFINET one-day training classes? I went back over some of this year’s Course Evaluations to gauge that. Most students answer the question “What was your overall impression of the course?” with Outstanding; all the rest choose the next highest answer. The class length is “just right” according to 95% of the students. Most students find the instructors’ technical knowledge and question handling is Outstanding. Those are the quantitative responses. But I really like the verbatims, the open-ended comments they provide:

“Great mix of presentation, demonstration, and vendor contact time.” Breakfast, breaks, and lunch provide time to visit the exhibitors to see the variety of PROFINET products available.

“Course was very informative and is recommended for the understanding of PROFINET.”

“Good use of technical without going too deep for us novices.” This is a tough line to walk, providing the right technical depth. It is good to hear we achieve that.

“Good general coverage of material allows path for more information.” “Good class. Lots of links to more info.” One of the important inclusions is a Resources page for each section. That’s the path for additional detail that time prevents us from covering in class.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Instructors were knowledgeable and engaging. Thank you!” “Great job with added humor.” Sadly, this latter quote was from one of Michael’s classes, not mine.

The comments are not all positive of course. That’s good too; it helps us shape the course better.

If we’re missing your city this year, fear not. There’s always next year (and the city list will always appear on the PROFIblog first). And we have a new Introduction to PROFINET webinar coming up August 30.

And finally, just for fun, some background on Picking PROFINET Cities.

–Carl Henning