Yes, Yes, Nodes Again!

Yikes, where does the time go?  I haven’t posted for 10 days.  Where does the time go?

   Boston for the PROFIBUS in Process one-day training event

   Industrial Ethernet webinar number 2

   General Assembly Meeting preparation

   PROFINET Developer Workshop preparation

   PROFInews North American Edition newsletter

(And you thought the question was rhetorical, didn’t you?)

The Process seminar was my first this year; Mike A handles all of them.  But I need to go once in a while for a refresh.  I learn something new at every one.  It helps when at least one of the attendees has a Fieldbus Foundation logo on his card – makes the discussions more interesting.  Mike thought I went just for the joy of going, but I really went as a translator.  Having lived in Massachusetts for a number of years, I learned to speak almost fluent Bostonian.  Mike knew where to pahk the cah, but I had to point him to the bubblah for a drink of water.

Our second webinar was better than the first.  You could even hear me this time.  Only technical snag was that Hunter disappeared from the audio in a burst of static as we got to the last question.  For those of you missed it, the answer to the last question was “Yes.”  You can pick up the archives of the first two webinars starting here.  Or you can register for the third one here.  (Note the new date for number 3 – June 7.)  Attendee comments from number 2:

   “Very well presented at a perfect pace. Thanks very much.”


   “I am just trying to get a better understanding of Networks and this Webinar was very informative for me. Thanks!”

   “As usual, GREAT webinar! Thanks for the support and knowledge.”  (Especially complimentary given that the company email domain of its author is very well known for supporting a competing technology!)

The PTO General Assembly Meeting is set for July 31 through August 2.  We’re busy nailing down the agenda.  The registration page will go live this week.

The “Midwest” PROFINET Developer Workshop will be in Detroit on May 22.  If you are a developer of automation devices thinking about adding Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET or some other technology, for that matter) you should register now.

PROFInews North American Edition Issue 14 hit email inboxes last week to the delight of all… except Walt Boyes, who took issue with our celebration of reaching an installed base of 18,800,000 PROFIBUS devices.  Jump over to Walt’s blog for his curmudgeonly post and my educational comment.  (You may need to bookmark first.)