Wrapping 2007, Welcoming 2008

I got so wrapped up FUD busting that I did not have a chance to blog about recent events.  Last week I was in LA and Newark.  LA to speak at the ISA chapter meeting introducing fieldbuses in general and PROFIBUS and PROFINET in particular.  It was an appreciative crowd including a PTO member needing more information for their PROFINET product.  (Event photos here.  I apparently really use my hands when I talk.  Ok, I admit it: I get excited about the subject matter.)

The long flight to Newark gave me the chance to blog the second FUD post.  In Newark, we had another good crowd and proved once again that I really need to revise my attendance formula – we ran out of handouts.  (My apologies to those attendees who did without.)  The course evaluations had a number of comments like “Great job” and “Well done.”  My favorite: “This was a good introduction to PROFINET.  The applications are numerous and the material is complex.  But the presenters did a good job of providing an overview.”  We had a number of requests to talk more about security, so look for more depth on that topic in the 2008 schedule.  In fact, the 2008 schedule was just posted here for those doing planning for next year.  We also just posted the 2008 PROFItech Certified Network Engineer class schedule.

I hope to work in one more blog post before flying to Germany for the SPS/drives show on Saturday.  If you’ll be at the show, please stop in to say hello at the PI booth (Hall 6, Booth 210).  If you won’t make it to the show, watch for news here in the blog.