Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, and Meetings

PROFINET Developer Workshop.  Our first PROFINET Developer Workshop finished up last week in Detroit.  Seven suppliers of Industrial Ethernet development tools explained how their solution could be used for PROFINET (and other protocols).  Those suppliers were PTO members Comtrol Corp., Hilscher North America, Inc., HMS Industrial Networks, Inc., IXXAT, Inc., Real Time Automation, Siemens Energy & Automation, and Softing North America.  We received very positive feedback from the attendees (and the exhibitors).  Next workshop is July 31 in Scottsdale.  Space is still available, but registration is required.

Seminars (aka one-day training events).  Our next PROFIBUS one-day training class is in Gary, IN, next Tuesday.  I’ll be covering this one for Mike A who is off to Memphis for an AS-i one-day training event on Wednesday.  I hope to see you in Gary.  (It’s not too late to register!)

Webinars.  Our third webinar is also next week, June 7 (originally scheduled for June 5).  Advanced Industrial Ethernet Architecture is our topic.  Based on input from past participants we’ve decided to add a PROFINET webinar and a wireless webinar.  Watch for details and a schedule.  You can register for future webinars by visiting here… and for archived webinars here.  We’ll do more webinars in the fall; if you have a topic suggestion, please let me know.

Meetings.  Preparing for the PTO General Assembly Meeting has consumed my time for a while.  We now have a registration site and preliminary agenda posted.  More information is here.

Mike A and I are also staffing a PTO exhibit and speaking at the Siemens Automation Summit in June (and my presentation is past due).