Wireless Webinar

We just concluded our Industrial Wireless Networking webinar.  We ran out of time before we were able to answer the questions raised during the webinar, so we’ll post the Q&A here tomorrow.  The post-webinar survey took us to task for not allowing enough time for live questions.  Guilty as charged and our apologies.  This webinar should have been split into two parts we can see through the lens of 20/20 hindsight.  Other input from the survey:

   “Thank you for a well thought out webinar.”

   “Good Job!!!!”

   “I found it refreshing that this webinar surpassed my expectations regarding covering the technical issues and did not bother me with endless Business justifications.”

You can view the archived webinar by registering from this page.

The archived webinars have been views thousands of times now, so that encourages us to add more.  We’ve scheduled a new webinar called Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics for October 31.  We will also do one on PROFIsafe when we can figure out where our schedules have a sufficient gap.