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Wireless Ethernet

Plant Engineering magazine presented a webcast today on “Advancements in Wireless Ethernet.”  You can find it archived here later.  Each of the three presenters was from a PTO member company: Siemens, Phoenix Contact, and ProSoft.  But the presentation was not geared towards any one protocol; it was about the infrastructure.  For those new to wireless, this is a good starting point.  After the presentations, some of the questions were pointed:

  • When will SP100 be ready?  Answer: don’t know.
  • Can you route safety over wireless?  Answer: Yes.  Jeremy Bryant cited an application that uses PROFINET, PROFIsafe, and wireless.
  • Is Wireless traffic a problem? Answer: It can be with some protocols that use multicasting (like Ethernet/IP).

I highly recommend this webcast as a good introduction to wireless Ethernet.