Winding Down Webinars

We had our final webinar of the year today.  We’ve decided the next one will be in early 2008 and cover PROFIsafe (safety over a fieldbus).  We’ve had only a few suggestions for additional topics including:

   Use of specific network diagnostic tools 

   New PROFINET CBA applications (this from someone who has one)

   TCP/UDP (we probably covered this in our first webinar)

If you have additional suggestions, please comment here.  To see the past webinars, including today’s, start here.  There are also opportunities yet this year to attend our one-day training events (listed here).  Next year will bring more free one-day training events and more Certified Network Engineer classes (including January’s in Detroit).

We had a couple long, well-thought-out comments in the survey following today’s webinar:

“Very well done. Diagnostics / Troubleshooting are certainly going to become very important to automation pros as the industrial Ethernet gains acceptance on the plant floor. This topic suggests you are very forward thinking. I would imagine the IT folks are very adept (as evidenced by the sniffer tools you discussed) at tracking down “problems”. This takes on a new light for industry though due to the time sensitive nature of much of the data being sent. Keep up the great work…”

“I personally thought this was a very good session. My 1st, and all was very clear to understand and follow. Very professional!”

We appreciate the constructive criticisms, too, but there weren’t any today.