PROFINET IRT: The Solution for Synchronous Real-time Applications


Timing Requirements

PROFINET is the world’s most advanced Industrial Ethernet solution. It is a communication protocol to exchange data between controllers and devices. PROFINET can operate in demanding industrial environments and can deliver the speed and precision required by manufacturing plants.

PROFINET employs various communication channels to deliver data with the appropriate speed and determinism. The PROFINET Isochronous Real-Time (IRT) communication channel is designed to fulfill the most demanding high-speed motion control applications. This White Paper explains PROFINET IRT mechanisms, such as Bandwidth Reservation, Scheduling, and Synchronization. Also, it covers an overview of how to implement PROFINET IRT, including topology and media options.

Table of Contents

  • PROFINET Mechanisms
  • PROFINET Communication Channels and IRT
  • PROFINET IRT Overview
    • Mechanisms and Performance
    • Topology
    • Media Considerations
    • Implementation
  • Summary
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