White Paper Roundup

There has been a flurry of activity with respect to White Papers being written about PROFIBUS and PROFINET. What’s unique about these however, is that they are not being written by us here at PI, but rather member organizations. I thought I’d take the time to quickly grab a few of the latest ones and put them all in one place: right here for you.

Guide to Implementing PROFIBUS PA Field Devices
by: Softing

This White Paper from Softing discusses the individual hardware and software aspects of implementing a PROFIBUS PA field device. The content is intended for those unfamiliar with PROFIBUS or fieldbuses in general, as well as device manufacturers looking for more information on integrating the PROFIBUS PA protocol into their instrument.

Four-Pair PROFINET Cabling
by: Phoenix Contact

While also serving as an introduction to Industrial Ethernet topologies and networks in general, this White Paper also discusses the hardware associated with those networks. Especially in industrial environments, a balance needs to be struck between delivering Ethernet traffic at high speeds and being rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions.


 Network Redundancy with PROFINET and MRP
by: GE Intelligent Platforms

From the description: “Ensuring high levels of system uptime is essential for many control systems, as this drives productivity and profitability. The risk of downtime is a significant concern since it negatively impacts operational resources and the bottom line.”

Access the White Paper on the GE Intelligent Platforms website.

–Michael Bowne