Where are PROFINET and PROFIBUS?  Besides in a lot of plants around the world, they’re in a lot of websites around the Internet.  But where are they?  With specific questions, which sites are best?  I’m glad you asked, because here are the answers:

Starting point: us.profinet.com with news, documentation, webinars, training schedules, this blog, and much more.  If you are outside of North America, you can find more local (and localized) information from your Regional PI Association (RPA).  For a list of those, visit “Find your local Partner” and click your country’s flag.

Video channels: MinutePROFINET has a series of short videos about PROFINET.  PROFItelevision has a wide range of videos covering PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  You can subscribe to these channels (and you should).

Questions and Answers: For questions related to a specific vendor’s products, check their website.  For network questions, try one of the LinkedIn groups or the international PI forums.  There are three LinkedIn Groups worth checking:

You can also like PI North America on Facebook.  (If you are in South East Asia, your Facebook page is here.)  We have a daily update on ours.

On Twitter, you can follow PROFINET & PROFIBUS (@AllThingsPROFI).

Do you go to other websites for PROFINET and PROFIBUS information?  What are they?

–Carl Henning