What do you get when you…

…fall in love?  No, what do you get when you join PI North America?

All this stuff:


That’s right, you get 4 books and a booklet, mouse pad, pens, and lots of documents.  You also get a username and password to download even more documentation from the website and to place your products in the online product guide.  (No charge for the placement; it’s included in membership.)

But wait! There’s more! The “stuff” is not the important part of membership, of course.  The “more” are not physical pieces:

If you develop products with PROFIBUS and PROFINET in them you get assistance and discounts.

If you have to market PROFINET and PROFIBUS products, we provide many avenues for that to a targeted audience.

If you are a System Integrator or distributor member, we refer inquiries to our office to you.

If you are a user, you get improved access to information and discounts on training.

You are invited to Join PI North America!  We recently updated our membership brochures to highlight the many other benefits.  At our online membership application page you’ll find links to those new brochures.

PI North America is a non-profit, member-supported organization.  Our Board of Directors includes representatives from GE Intelligent Platforms, Phoenix Contact, and Siemens,.  PI North America is an autonomous associate of the global PI community and the second largest of the Regional PI Associations.  Join us!

–Carl Henning