What did the blender say to the toaster?

What did the blender say to the toaster? I don’t know, but that apparently happens in the Internet of Things.

What did the I/O block say to the PLC? Here’s my inputs and thanks for the outputs.  That’s the Industrial Internet of Things.

When I read articles about the Internet of Things, I find them not relevant to the Industrial Internet of Things.  We’ve pointed out the differences between IoT and IIoT in a PROFINET of Things white paper, a PROFINET of Things Webinar, and my favorite, the 57-second video:

Even 57 seconds may be in the category of “TL;DR.” So in short, IIoT is about data (and analyzing it), structured architecture, mission-critical security and response times, using open standards.

Hopefully, I have whet your appetite past the TL;DR point.  If so, check out the webinar and white paper.

–Carl Henning