PROFINET Development Kits from PROFI Interface Center

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Choose the easy path to implement PROFINET in your product and get the right advice, right from the start!

The PROFINET Development Kits from PROFI Interface Center make it easy to get started with PROFINET Development!
The PROFINET Device Development Kits contain everything you need to develop your own product including application examples for a quick start.

If you decide in favor of one of our PROFINET Development Kits you will benefit from the technological advantages offered in the form of updates and first-class support provided by professional technical consultants here at the PROFI Interface Center. The PROFI Interface Center is also the PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) competence center, test lab, and training center for North America and can help you through the entire development cycle including preparation and hints for the PROFINET certification test (all PROFINET products must be certified by a test lab). Whether you want to do a PROFINET controller application or a PROFINET IO Device application, please see our webinar to learn more about the embedded and PC based, software and hardware (ASIC) solutions that we offer.

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