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PROFIBUS PA in the Process Industries #1

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In this webinar, we will talk about what a fieldbus is and what came before it – what solutions were used “back in the day” and, unfortunately, are still used in the majority of installations today.  We will talk about why you should use a fieldbus…what are the advantages and simplifications offered. We will be emphasizing the use of a fieldbus in process applications such as refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical production, sewage treatment (presence of methane), etc. We will show you how to  avoid using explosion-proof devices, purged or pressurized cabinets, submersing devices in oil, etc., by the use of an Intrinsically Safe fieldbus and we will give a brief overview of  the two major fieldbus technologies used for process applications. Finally, we will briefly list some of the companies in North  America  using PROFIBUS.

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