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Network Diagnostics and PROFINET

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PROFINET has the best in class diagnostic mechanisms. Comprehensive diagnostic information is available for PROFINET. Alarms, HMI screens, special-purpose tools, and standard IT protocols all have a place in preventing downtime and assisting with troubleshooting. Watch this webinar to learn much more… Some special topics that were covered include cable testers, network test tools, network scanners, IT protocol diagnostics, etc.


  • Network error types: Device, Network, Process
  • Cyclic data, error message, engineering station readout
  • Diagnostics 
    • IT Protocols for PROFINET: SNMP, LLDP, HTTP 
    • Ethernet diagnostics
  • Tools and testers
    • Cable testers, Ethernet sniffers, TAPs, PROFINET network browsers, etc 
  • Advanced PROFINET diagnostics: Network scanning devices and analyzers

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