Webinar – Loud and Soft

I got so caught up in Hanover I didn’t get a chance to blog about our first webinar.  It was well-attended and the technical content was excellent.  (I can say that since I didn’t do the technical part; I just moderated.)  Hunter Harrington from the PROFI Interface Center created and presented the technical portion.  We had some audio difficulties with my part.  We had switched audio approaches earlier in the day and they didn’t work out well.  We hope to have that corrected for the second webinar on May 8.  You can view the first webinar archive at http://us.profibus.com/webinars.aspx?pagetype=archive. The bad audio is on the unimportant parts only, but you can crank up the volume on your computer to hear it.

More than half the attendees completed the post-webinar survey and only one did not agree (or strongly agree) that it met their needs.  Unfortunately this person was looking for specific PROFINET information.  Given the success of the first webinar and suggestions made in the survey we’ll definitely consider adding a PROFINET webinar.

Some of the attendees’ comments:

“The comparison between the different protocols was good. This Webinar was a good introduction and I will be looking forward to the more in-depth classes.”

“I thought the topics were right on line for this first topic. Thanks for hosting it!!”

“I look forward to the remaining webinars.”

Speaking of the upcoming webinars, there’s plenty of time to register here.

During our trial run I kept telling Hunter, the quiet Southerner, that he needed to talk loud like me, the big-mouthed Yankee.  Funny how it ended up.  I’m still looking for a better way to record the audio into the computer.  The approach we abandoned late used a Plantronics amplifier and headset that plugged into the mic input on the computer.  It buzzed to the point of distraction.  We wound up just using a microphone plugged into the computer and placed on the speakerphone.  Suggestions for alternate technologies are welcome.