Training PROFIsafe Twins Newsletter

Safely ensconced in my hotel room in Minneapolis, I can report on today’s PROFINET one-day training event.  We had a few more no-shows than normal but the walk-ins compensated for them, I guess, because we filled all the seats.

Turck was an exhibitor for the first time at a PROFINET one-day training event.  They are just ready to release a new PROFINET product – watch for the announcement on the website:… and in PROFInews North American Edition.  Not in tomorrow’s edition of PROFInews North American Edition though – it was put to bed 10 days ago.  I still had to scramble a bit tonight to get it ready to go though.  We actually send the newsletter to two mailing lists of about 30,000 total.  I send it to our list and we also distribute through Control Engineering.  Our list should send at 4:00am ET Wednesday and the Control Engineering list a few hours later.

Where does PROFIsafe fit into all this?  The article at Control Engineering’s website today “High growth forecast for safety buses, networks” indicates PROFIsafe was the market share leader in 2005 and is predicted to remain so through the term of the study (2010).  This should not be a surprise since PROFIBUS is the market share leader for fieldbuses.

Why am I working on this at midnight Minneapolis time?  Because we had a late dinner.  Sometimes we get a really nice meal.  Tonight Karsten, Hunter, and I all had “Dome Dogs.”  “Dome” as in “Metrodome.”  We watched the Minnesota Twins beat the Oakland A’s as we enjoyed the traditional American pastime meal.