Training Classes

Where has the time gone?!  It feels like I just got back from the Siemens Automation Summit and now it’s three weeks later.  In between then and now, we’ve had a PROFINET one-day training class here in Scottsdale followed by a PROFINET Developer Workshop here.  Oh, we had our 14th annual PTO General Assembly Meeting, too.

The PROFINET one-day training events all have the same agenda, but each class is still unique.  You may have noticed from past posts that I love the course evaluation forms… well actually it’s not the forms, it’s the feedback provided on them.  Here’s a sampling form Scottsdale:

   “Material covered was just right for me.”

   “Cover in less detail – PROFIBUS.”

      Comment: This is a tough balance for us; we can’t be sure attendees already know PROFIBUS, so we include a very brief overview of PROFIBUS.

   “Fantastic presentation.  Thanks for inviting us.”

   “PROFINET is revealing on how to handle determinism properly in Industrial Ethernet.”

   “[Show] less antagonism to growth of Ethernet/IP.”

      Comment: We are striving for “healthy competition” as opposed to “antagonism.” But this impression probably stems from my slightly out of kilter sense of humor.

   “Not enough breaks.”

      Comment: This is the first time we’ve heard this.

   “I learned things even though I’ve been through this a number of times.”

For developers of automation equipment we held a PROFINET Developer Workshop following the one-day training event.  We awarded a free seat in a PROFINET Certified Network Engineer class to each manufacturer that attended.  All but one of the attendees were from out of town, an indication of the level of interest in developing PROFINET products.

We still have several more PROFINET training classes coming (Louisville, KY Sept 30th, Tampa, FL Oct 23rd, and Chicago, IL Nov 12th) and one more PROFINET Developer Workshop (Chicago Nov 13th).  I hope to see you at one of them.