Training Classes Roll On

We just concluded our PROFINET one-day training event in suburban Chicago.  I’m amazed by the large number of control device manufacturers that attended today.  (We had quite a few in Boston a month ago, too.)  Many are drawn to the event because they are hearing a demand from their customers for PROFINET.  A few of them signed up for the PROFINET Developer Workshop coming up October 5, but some can’t wait that long.  We’re helping them now.

We also had more exhibitors than we planned for, but this is a good thing.  We squeezed in a few extra exhibit tables at the last minute.  One of them is ready to release their PROFINET Development tools, so perhaps we’ll have seven total providers at our October 5th PROFINET Developer Workshop.  Another reason I love these events: There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction with our members that exhibit (and of course the users of PROFINET, too).

Sometimes at these classes I run into someone from my Wonder years, but today I ran into someone from my Eurotherm years – that goes back a ways further.  Steve Rakers and I worked at Eurotherm together in those years.  Now Steve is president of Ascon Corporation.  They have PROFIBUS connectivity today and will soon have PROFINET as well.  Speaking of my Eurotherm years, I just realized how long it’s been since I manually tuned a PID loop.  I suppose it’s like riding a bicycle though…

The report I get from our Columbia, SC PROFIBUS one-day training class was good, too.  Alas, they had more exhibitors there than we did.  We’ll catch up soon I’m sure.

Our next class is a PROFIBUS in Process one-day training event in Appleton, WI on July 20.  There are still seats available so if you’re up that way, Mike A would be glad to see in the class!